TricoStimulant™ Cannabis at different doses gives promising results, the one that seems to give the best results (best preserved) in Cannabis sativa (Carmagnola) is TricoStimulant concentrated (proportion 20ML/L 4-5 dosages). The height increases between 33,33 – 74,55% and the stem weight between 75,86%- 125,25%.

Moreover, TricoStimulantgives in Hemp a higher number of cells which form both primary and secondary fibers (histological sections) in relation to control.

These results are confirmed by the physic-chemical analysis of the stem components. In fact, when the material has less lignin and more cellulose means that it has a higher amount of primary and secondary fibers. Indeed, TricoStimulant™ provides a reduction of lignin compared to the control (-12,96%) and an increase of the cellulose (12,06%).

Histological sections of hemp stalk