Product information

TricoStimulant™ Cannabis is a next generation supplement solution prepared from aqueous and fermented botanical extracts; specially formulated to enhance the production of cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Our product is able to significantly improve the yield of the Cannabis sativa crop thanks to its triple action:

Increase trichome density

Increase biomass and number of buds

Accelerate plant growth

Detailed information

Mode of action

The mechanism of action of our product is based on the stimulation of structures called trichomes or plant hairs capable of synthesising and storing valuable medicinal compounds in a wide variety of plants, such as the cannabinoids produced in the glandular trichomes of the genus Cannabis sativa.

Mode of application

TricoStimulant™ Cannabis is a concentrated solution, for its correct application 20 ml should be diluted in 980 ml of water. It is recommended to apply 100 ml to 150 ml of diluted TricoStimulant™ per plant during the late vegetative phase, i.e. on plants with at least 6 weeks of growth and/or with a height of around 60 cm. *Depending on the variety.

20 ml per litre of water – 100 ml to 150 ml per plant.
Number of applications: A single application.
Application method: Foliar application during the vegetative or active growth phase of the plant (in pre-anthesis).
Treatment: Apply 7 /10 days before the photoperiod change.
It is recommended to apply in late vegetative phase: on plants with at least 6 weeks of growth.


TricoStimulant™ is compatible with soluble fertilisers and crop treatment products. In case of doubt, pre-test or consult our technical staff.


125 ml, 315 ml, & 1,1 L bottle